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Critical Infrastructure Protection


Maritime attacks have historically been the most successful type of attack against our critical infrastructure and other key assets. Whether they are off the coast of Louisiana or West Africa, we have worked there and are prepared to help you develop an effective security program using state of the art technology, time proven risk management tools.  
Other services include:


  • Alternative Security Programs (ASP).  ASP's provide organizations with similar risk management programs to comply with federal security regulations while benefiting from industry best practices and a cost effective security program. We will formulate your proposed ASP and staff it through your organization and then manage the approval process through USCG Hqs. The Executive Interface, LLC Team will then manage your members adherence and participation to the program.


  • Waterway Suitability Assessments (WSA). With the rapid changes in the natural gas and liquid propane industries, many companies are finding themselves in a position to perform a WSA to adhere to USCG regulations for moving liquid natural and hazardous gasses across navigable waterways. We have authored functioning WSA's and can provide you with the guidance and risk management products you need to upgrade your capability to move these materials safely, securely and economically.


  • Facility Security Plan Development and Services. Whether its a new Facility Security Assessment, Plan or an annual Audit of your existing FSP, our maritime security team will analyze your risk profile and develop the proper mitigation strategies to meet USCG or ISPS regulatory requirements without breaking your security budget. We also design and conduct regulatory training, drills and exercises.


Companies find it difficult to keep track of the constantly changing requirements for this program as well as manage the sophisticated risk management profile. We assist both the public and private sides of this program in better protecting our Nation's extensive chemical manufacturing capability.  SSP Still not approved? Call us today about helping you write an Alternate Security Plan (ASP).

TSA Pipeline Security

Whether they are large or small, above or below ground, in remote or urban settings, critical pipeline facilities require an industrial security program to better protect them from today's evolving threat.


This is a sophisticated process that combines the security of both your physical and cyber assets. navigating your way through this arduous program can be confusing while, most iportantly, leaving your assets open to attack.  Call today to discuss your compliance program.

Risk, Vulnerability, Threat and Security Assessments

While many companies cannot explain the differences between these types of consulting products, we have in depth experience in conducting the requisite analysis and providing these specialized products.  Need strategic analysis of a region or state? We can provide these levels of analysis, as well as resiliency analysis and planning.  Call us today to discuss your specific needs.  Our Principal Consultant, Mr. Ed Clark designed and fielded the CARVER+Shock Security Vulnerability Assessment Tool. As such, we are the National expert in applying this flexible and effective security risk management tool.  We are skilled in the following analysis and assessment tools:


Subject Matter Expertise in the following vulnerability assessment methodologies:

  • CARVER+Shock (We developed this Tool for the Federal Government)




  • API / NPRA SVA Methodology


  • CPTED. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

  • Threat Assessments Target and region specific threat assessments and design basis threats

  • Coordinating and implementing all levels of response to include armed intervention

  • Network and IT Security analysis and programs | Penetration Testing

  • Red Team / Red Cell planning and operations against identified assets.

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