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​ProtectED  Campus Security Program

Executive Interface, LLC has formed a joint venture with New Paladin Consulting Group to offer a total security package for campus and school security professionals.  ProtectED  offers training, drills and exercises to campuses with a mature security plan as well as world class security, threat and vulnerability assessments to ensure campus administrators understand and mitigate their risk in an effective yet economic manner. Our third service in the program offers safe and realistic firearms training for school officials, Resource Officers and local police departments.

school assessment web site seminar.jpgProtectED Training and Seminars

Our training seminars are for the campus that seeks an overview of how to manage their risk as well as the campus that wants to refine their existing security program and evaluate its effectiveness. We offer formal training for every aspect of campus security from the fundamentals of physical security to threat identification. For those school districts with a mature risk management program, we can design and conduct drills and exercises to provide a third party evaluation on the effectiveness of your security program.

school assessment web site smaller.jpgProtectED​ ​ Plans and A​ssessments

With the current dilemma over whether or not to put guns in schools, many security professionals and academic administrators are overlooking the value of understanding the need to understand and mitigate the risk profile for their campus. Our assessment services provide detailed security assessments to evaluate the  effectiveness of existing physical security programs as well as comprehensive Security Vulnerability Assessments using the CARVER+Shock SVA Tool. We can also develop your Safe School Crisis Management Plan as recommended by the US Department of Education and US Secret Service.

firearms protected.jpgProtectED Firearms Training

From faculty members and administrators to Resource Officers and LE Agencies, our team of retired Police SWAT Officers and Military Special Forces instructors will provide the proper level of weapons proficiency and the appropriate mindset to ensure that an appropriate response is available when needed. Faculty and staff learn how use a firearm to save students lives inside of the school house while law enforcement officers gain the tactical and technical edge to quickly respond to an armed threat with the equipment they have at hand.

ProtectED services are also available to and effective at hospitals, shopping malls and college campuses.​