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Risk Management Software and Analysis

Risk management is not always about security.  We have done a variety of projects that allows out customers to manage risk to theor projects, processes a nd responses to a variety of different events.

construction.jpgOperational Vulnerability Assessments: CARVER-OV

Response plans, IT projects and even construction projects all have a certain amount of risk.  Identifying and managing that risk is one of the greatest challenges to project managers everywhere.  By analyzing the risk to something you have never done (An emergency response plan or building a skyscrpaer in a certain town...) you can save your project time and money while adding to the quality of the final product by not straying from the original plan.  CARVER-OV is designed to evaluate your project within the specific operational domain in which it will occur to identify which part of your project is most likely to cause delay, cost over run or a reduction in quality.


geospatial.jpgDatabase and Geospatial Software

Database applications allow you to manipulate large amounts of data into manageable forms. These reports can still be quite difficult, especially when you have to consider time, distance, terrain and any other factors​ that may impact your risk analysis. A list of crime statistics tells a meaningful story when presented geospatially in conjunction with community outreach programs. Likewise, response times for high consequence facilities are also much easier to realize in this unique environment.