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Industrial Complex


The US Army’s Homeland Infrastructure Security Threats Office (HISTO) was tasked to develop a vulnerability assessment tool that was ubiquitous across all critical infrastructures, allowing infrastructure owners to better understand the risk presented by the current terrorist threat.  CARVER was originally developed as a targeting tool for used by US Special Operations Forces to quickly and thoroughly analyze enemy critical infrastructure to identify a critical node against which a small, well-trained force can launch an attack to disable or destroy that infrastructure.
With this in mind, we selected the CARVER targeting tool and reversed engineered it as a vulnerability assessment tool. This tool, known as the CARVER+Shock Vulnerability Assessment Tool was developed by HISTO leadership and was almost immediately put to use in protecting America's Critical Infrastructure. Over the past three years this methodology has been used to uncover previously unidentified weaknesses in multiple agriculture commodities, food, power, energy, and transportation infrastructures. Listed below are organizations that have successfully used the tool under our supervision.
The White House Homeland Security Council, Bio Security Team
 The US Department of Agriculture
 US Department of Health and Human Services
 Food and Drug Administration Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)
 Government of Mexico Food and Agriculture Officials
 Privately owned Nuclear Power Plants
 National Pork Producers Council
 Various Port and Airlift facilities
 Private Oil Companies within the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
That said, let’s see how the tool works.