Nov 13
The Liquid Bulk Terminal ASP has been approved

The Liquid Bulk Terminal Alternative Security Program offers the maritime liquid bulk terminal community the opportunity to benefit from best in class maritime security operations, professionally  managed regulatory compliance and most importantly, a consistently managed risk profile.  As a subscriber to the LBASP, you enjoy:

  • Access to ​​​one professionally planned and executed table top exercise per quarter     

  • Recommended drills sent to your FSO's every month

  • Annual audits of your adherence to the LBASP Standards

  • A consistent Risk Profile that means no more periodic changes to your security plan unless you change the operation of your facility.

  • No more costly rewrites of your FSP

Our team will conduct an initial compliance inspection, help you match your current security program to meet the standards of the ASP and then manage your annual regulatory requirements such as your drills, exercises and audits. All at a price for less than you would typically pay for an annual exercise.  Our program offers you effective risk management, a predictable risk profile all at an affordable price. We also offer ad hoc services such as FSO training and CFATS ASP assistance.

If you operate a liquid bulk terminal, find out more at ​

Nov 26
The Risk Profile

Risk changes every day, sometimes every minute. As the industry is faced with new challenges, we will do our best to address them here

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